Best Bitcoin Faucets on May 2017

Only personally verified paying faucets, with detailed review - all pros and cons.

Notice from 2th of April 2017: I removed recently many faucets from the list since they scammed or turned to be very bad and non-profitable. Looks like this market dying slowly. Also I have no time to claim from faucets recently since I mostly earning in hyip investing now. Much more risk, but also much more profit. But the faucets which still there are pretty good.

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1. Freebitco

Description: Claim once per hour, from 185 satoshi to 0.19 bitcoin (very slight chance, vary depending on bitcoin exchange rate). Withdrawal: minimum 30.000 satoshi, auto payment on Sundays.

Pros: Generous faucet, regular payment without delays (last paid to me March 20, 2017), small chance to win a lot without any risk. Additional rewards like tickets for weekly lottery and reward points

Cons: If you play in the “multiply” game you risk to loose everything what you earned or deposited. Just stay away from lottery section and you’ll be fine.

Conclusion: Probably the best one, strongly recommended

2. Bitcoinker

Description: Claim once in 5 min, from 30 to 100.000 satoshi (very small chance for such "jackpot", but 200, 400, 800 satoshi per claim are quite common). Withdrawal: minimum 20.000 satoshi, auto payment on Sundays.

Pros: Generous faucet, easy captcha, regular payments without delays (last paid to me March 26, 2017), seniority bonus up to 30% for all direct claims. You can send comment or ask question to admin right on the main page, he answers usually a day or rarely – in a few.

Cons: Claim no more then 120 times per 24 hours or get banned (you can ask admin to unban you though)

Conclusion: Very good, strongly recommended


Do you ever thought about investing your hard-earned satoshi? Of course you saw advertising promising so much profit and so fast. Of course you understand: no matter what their promise - trading, mining or something more exotic like investing in premium pet food or solar plants - actually all of them are just HYIP, and as such, pure scam. Does it mean you can't make profit from them? To find out, visit the site linked above. It's the only source of honest, independent inforamation about HYIP investing I found. All big "HYIP monitors" are biased, since they get paid by HYIP, but not this one.

I don't persude you to invest in any HYIP. Actually, I suggest you stay away from them, since it's really risky. You are going to play with the scammers on a field, where they made the rules. If you loose your bitcoin - their are lost, and nobody will help you get it back. You are warned. But if you are still into HYIP investing - at least do it with your eyes open.

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