Best Bitcoin Faucets on March 2017

Only personally verified paying faucets, with detailed review - all pros and cons. Updated often with new and checked faucets.

Earn some "digital gold" today, because tomorrow it will cost more. Nobody knows how much bitcoin will cost in 2026, but highly likely the cents you earn today will turn into little fortune in a years. Remember, in 2010 two pizzas were bought for 10 000 bitcoins. Now one bitcoin worth more then $1250 (March 5, 2017). With free satoshi faucets listed here, all that you invest is some of your time.

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1. Freebitco

Description: Claim once per hour, from 250 satoshi to 0.25 bitcoin (very slight chance, vary depending on bitcoin exchange rate). Withdrawal: minimum 30.000 satoshi, auto payment on Sundays.

Pros: Generous faucet, regular payment without delays (last paid to me February 27, 2017), small chance to win a lot without any risk. Additional rewards like tickets for weekly lottery and reward points

Cons: If you play in the “multiply” game you risk to loose everything what you earned or deposited. Just stay away from lottery section and you’ll be fine.

Conclusion: Probably the best one, strongly recommended

2. Bitcoinker

Description: Claim once in 5 min, from 30 to 100.000 satoshi (very small chance for such "jackpot", but 200, 400, 800 satoshi per claim are quite common). Withdrawal: minimum 20.000 satoshi, auto payment on Sundays.

Pros: Generous faucet, easy captcha, regular payments without delays (last paid to me March 05, 2017), seniority bonus up to 25% for all direct claims. You can send comment or ask question to admin right on the main page, he answers usually a day or rarely – in a few.

Cons: Claim no more then 120 times per 24 hours or get banned (you can ask admin to unban you though)

Conclusion: Very good, strongly recommended

3. Bitcoinaliens &

4. Blockchainstats

Description: Both sites are from “aliens” faucet family, so this description fit for both. Claim once in 5 min, from 100 to 10000 satoshi. Withdrawal: minimum 20.000 satoshi (for each one), auto payment on Monday or Tuesday.

Pros: Very generous faucet family (last paid to me February 14, 2017). You can contact admin on their facebook page, he answers really fast. Also almost everyday on the facebook page they have promotional events where you can win up to 1 million satoshi.

Cons: Auto payment doesn’t work good for some people for the first time. I suggest you contact admin in this case and tell him about the issue. I did this and he paid same day. After this was no more future troubles.

Conclusion: Very good, I earned most of my satoshi from this faucet family, strongly recommended

5. Moon Bitcoin

Description: Claim when you want, but no more often then once in 5 min. Optimal rate for maximum income is once in 10 min. Withdrawal: minimum 10.000 satoshi, auto payment on Sunday.

Pros: Regular payments without delays (last paid to me February 19, 2017), little minimum ammount for withdraw. Claim when you want it. Seniority bonus for all direct claims - 1% per day, up to 100%.

Cons: Earnings are less then on faucets mentioned above. You should visit every day or you’ll loose your seniority bonus.

Conclusion: Good, stable, recommended

6. Angels of Bitcoin

Description: Claim 80 satoshi every 4 minutes. Withdrawal: minimum 100.000 satoshi (directly) or 50.000 satoshi on FaucetHub, auto payment on Saturday-Sunday or manual on FaucetHub.

Pros: Quite generous faucet, regular payment without delays (last paid to me January 11, 2017), you can contact admin right on the main page or on their facebook page. Angels are cute :)

Cons: High minimal ammount to withdraw! Site isn't very well designed, it doesn't show the timer until next claim. If you don't visit the faucet for few days, you'll get some penalty, ~1000 satoshi per 3 days of absence.

Conclusion: Good only for pro, since 50k satoshi is quite a lot. Quite new faucet and it still need to improve.

Best PTC (Pay-To-Click) sites paying in Bitcoins on February 2017

1. Click for BTC

Description: Most advanced bitcoin PTC to date. They offer few ways to earn: 10-20 advertising from 45 to 250 satoshi each, AdGrid game with 50 chances to get prize daily, and also surveys and offerwall. Minimal amount to withdraw is 30.000 satoshi - it's not much comparing to other big PTC like clixsense! Payments take 7 days to be processed, but they pay in time (last paid to me January 17, 2017).

Pros: If you need something like clixsense but working with bitcoins, look no further! You'll see wide range of surveys and offers (however it heavily depended from your country). Also they reward you for completed offers instantly after confirmation or in a few hours, not the days later, like some other PTC.

Cons: They use ReCaptcha, it's ok for bitcoin facuets, but most PTC use easier catpcha instead.

Conclusion: Very good, recommended

2. Bits for Clicks

Description: 25+ daily ads, 50-100 satoshi per each. Withdrawal: minimum 15.000 satoshi, auto payment on Monday.

Pros: Generous PTC, regular payments without delays (last paid to me January 30, 2017).

Cons: Sometimes it lags a lot.

Conclusion: Very good

3. BTC clicks

Description: 10-25 daily ads, 30-60 satoshi per each. Withdrawal: minimum 10.000 satoshi, payment on manual request.

Pros: Fast payments without delays (last paid to me February 4, 2017), easy captcha.

Cons: 1.5% withdrawal fee if you withdraw less then 0.01 BTC (1 million satoshi).

Conclusion: Very good


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